Maker Oats Makes My Picky Eaters Enjoy Breakfast!

Quick, Easy, and Oh So Good!

By Nicole Zawidski July 14, 2018

I am a toddler mom... I know, I know... You know exactly what I am talking about. Being the parent of a toddler means mornings are tough. It means trying to get a good breakfast in his tummy and it has to be something quick, easy, and tasty so not only he enjoys it but his 7-year-old sister enjoys it too and we can get out the door. Challenge accepted! 

Well, parents, after searching for a nutritious breakfast I have found it. Are you ready for something everyone will enjoy? Something quick that you can prepare the night before and have it ready to eat either in the house or on the go? Maker Oats! They are sugar-free, vegan, non-GMO, USDA organic and are best eaten cold so I don't have to worry about cooking anything when we are in a rush to get out the door. I think I scored big time with this find! 

The night before I simply added milk to 4 bowls of maker oats. I added enough to cover the oats and then added just a little more when the bubbles stopped to make sure they were good and covered. You can add any kind of milk, but I went with good old fashion dairy. I definitely am excited to try with Almond and Soy too! I popped on the lids and shook it up and stuck them in the fridge. Bam! Breakfast is made before I went to bed! 

The husband grabbed his to eat at work since he goes in a lot earlier than we wake up! The seven-year-old woke up and grabbed hers and ate while I was getting her brother ready. Then my son ate his while my daughter got dressed to go to her camp. Don't worry about this momma, I grabbed mine and ate in the backyard as soon as we got home while catching on up some reading while my son played! Talk about easy! I did all the prep work the night before and everything was ready to go! No pans to clean up. Plus, if the little guy didn't finish before we had to leave, he could have taken it with him to eat. It travels!

So where do you find these delicious and easy Maker Oats? Amazon is my go-to spot for ordering them. If your curious about Maker Oats and want to check out their site, Maker Oats has videos along with directions and their ingredients. 

Seriously, when both my kids like something I am going to spread the news! Make sure you check these out and taste the amazing combination of oats, fruits, spices, nuts, and seeds. Plus, while all that healthy stuff sounds great the best part was no pots and pans and maybe sleeping in an extra couple minutes because breakfast was already made and I am a tired momma! It was like the family fed themselves! Challenge complete!