Imagi Nation: This Kid-Sized Town Isn't Just for Kids!

Because Adults Need Play Time Too!

By Nicole Zawidski July 25, 2018

This morning while I was making breakfast, my 7 year old asked me if we could go back to Imagi Nation today. We were just there yesterday for the first time along with her 3 year old brother. The three of us had so much fun, she was ready to do it the next day! 

So what is Imagi Nation? It is a kid-sized town that allows for interactive play aimed at children ages 3-12 along with their adults -- parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles -- it doesn't matter because there is something for everyone! You have the opportunity to role play over 40 different career choices and enjoy making your own ice cream flavor at Doc. Scoopendorf's Flavor Lab. Their website highlights all the fun. Take a peak at Imagi Nation

So I didn't know what to expect when we went. Honest moment here -- I really thought it was going to be more geared toward my preschooler but I knew my daughter had a big imagination and loves to play with her little brother. I was absolutely wrong. The way Imagi Nation is set-up, all ages are accommodated with fun things to play and be challenged with. 

So what is there to do there? 

Well, our first stop was the Market and Recycling Center where they each took turns shopping and working the store. My son used his list with pictures on it to shop and my daughter took inventory of the stock. I filled in where needed!

Then we headed to the Manufacturing Center where we took turns working in the call center and going down the production line. We sorted out ice cream into their correct bins, took orders, and made sure they were a quality product before we shipped them off. They enjoyed being my boss and telling me what I needed to do and I had fun teaching them about the manufacturing process.

After that fun, we were called over to the Flavor Lab where my kids were given ice cream and the choices of toppings and flavors to mix in. They both picked mint because Hailey's favorite is mint chocolate chip and Connor just loves the color green. Hailey added chocolate chips and M&Ms and Connor picked gummy bears and sprinkles. They both LOVED their creations. The ice cream is HUGE, so I was happy they provided us with lids and a bag we could label with our name and keep in the freezer. 

We then continued our fun in the Health and Dental Center where the kids played x-ray tech, doctor, pediatric nurse, dentist, and vet. They had dolls and animals that we took care of. My kids are huge animal lovers so they really loved all the stuffed friends to help make better. I make a pretty good vet assistant too. 

My daughter decided she wanted to work in the Post Office and my son went to be a firefighter at the Fire Station. He really enjoyed working the controls and she delivered mail to the entire town. 

I was lucky enough to be part of a talk show in the Media Center and a guest star on a radio show. They enjoyed the array of instruments and playing with the radio controls as well as dressing up and putting on a show. While my daughter stayed behind and played here a little longer, my son went over to the Construction Area and helped build a house. My daughter then made her way to the Police Station where she mounted an investigation and found the criminal through collecting evidence and arresting me! I still claim my innocence. 

Everyone's favorite part of the town was the Diner. My waitress took my order and my son cooked up some delicious food in the kitchen. It was service with a smile! I might have been a difficult customer and was very demanding, but this was the friendliest diner I ever ate at! 

This was quite the day! I had such fun playing with my kids in all these different scenarios and teaching them how things work in the real world. It was that kind of learning where kids don't know they are learning but they are having fun doing it. Plus, how often do you find a place where you, the adult, can have a blast playing too?!?! We will definitely be making our way back there soon. Make sure you check out their calendar for open play times as they host a lot of field trips. 

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own.