Get Your Free Father's Day Printable: Let's Play DADLibs!

This FREE Father's Day printable is sure to get some hilarious, insightful, and sweet responses!

By Kara Murphy June 10, 2021

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Our kids love nothing more than a fun game of Mad Libs! So we decided with Father's Day around the corner to create our own special version that fits the holiday ...


After all, what better way to celebrate than with a questionnaire that your kids can fill out about their dad? They know him best!

This FREE Father's Day printable makes it easy to capture your kids' thoughts about dad. We're sure you'll get some hilarious, insightful, and sweet responses! 

We've left the back of our Father's Day printable blank so your child can draw a "daddy and me" picture.

This free Father's Day DADLibs printable is a gift sure to make him smile and warm his heart on Father's Day!

Simply click and print out your own FREE copy ... and let's play DADLibs!